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Green Rugs Give Buyers Fuzzy Feeling on Feet and in Hearts


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Green Rugs Give Buyers Fuzzy Feeling on Feet and in Hearts

Looking to reduce their personal environmental impacts, consumers are increasingly turning to environmental carpets, the Kansas City Star reports.

Green flooring tends to not be treated chemicals, which is good for consumers with respiratory issues or those looking out for the safety of their families. Additionally, carpets made from wool, seagrass, sisal and hemp come from all-natural and renewable resources.

"We've had more informed customers come through our doors in the past five to seven years knowing what they're looking for and asking relevant questions," Robert Chewning, the owner of a Georgia-based flooring showroom, told the news source. Product labels can help consumers identify which carpets and rugs were produced with renewable materials.

That said, cost is a major factor with environmentally friendly flooring. Some materials, such as cork and bamboo, have to be imported from Asia, which drives up the price of goods.

In this regard, labels can act almost as a marketing piece. By stressing the various features of products on labels, manufacturers may be able to generate more sales.