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Green Products Expo Unveils Eco-Friendly Scotch Tape


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Green Products Expo Unveils Eco-Friendly Scotch Tape

A variety of eco-friendly products were unveiled at New York City's Green Products Expo last week. 3M's Scotch Magic Tape, for example, has jumped on board with "going green", releasing an Eco-Friendly Tape that is contained in sustainable, refillable packaging.

The product is created with more than 75-percent renewable or recycled materials, and the refill roll is contained in a box made of more than 65-percent renewable or recyclable materials.

"We believe this is a great innovation during a time when people really are looking for those everyday things they can do to lessen their impact on the environment," said Pete Ley, business unit manager for Scotch Home and Office Tapes at 3M.

Other products shown at the expo include Skoy Cloths, which are machine washable, biodegradable cloths that are intended to replace traditional paper towels and sponges. The cloths are created from cotton and wood pulp cellulose, according to Consumer Search, and can replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels.

Another eco-friendly household product shown included Zero cleaning products by Ecover. The line harbors no dyes, fragrances, phosphates or optical brighteners, the source reported, and is packaged in Plantplastic, a sugar cane-based container.