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Green Labels Looking Red in the Face


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Green Labels Looking Red in the Face

Today's consumers are demanding more of manufacturers and companies when it comes to the environment, requiring more information and new labels.

However, a recent article from The New York Times warned consumers to be careful regarding green product labels, as many certification programs are actually run by the industries that are supposedly being monitored.

For example, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative has recently come under fire. The label, which certifies that logging programs in North America are carried out in an environmentally sustainable matter, is reportedly financed by the companies and landowners it's supposedly regulating, the paper reports.

Environmental group ForestEthics has been the one to call attention to the disparity in preaching and practice. "Instead, S.F.I. spends millions of dollars every year to advertise that it is 'good for forests' when it approves large-scale timber operations that impair fish and wildlife habitat, cause landslides and pollute water," the group claims, as quoted by the paper.

However, consumers shouldn't adopt a mindset that all "green" labels have something to hide. Before purchasing green products, investigate certification measures to get answers.