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Graphic Cigarette Labels Lead Global Fight Against Tobacco


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Graphic Cigarette Labels Lead Global Fight Against Tobacco

The World Health Organization has predicted that deaths related to tobacco could peak at 8 million per year per year by 2030. In an effort to stem this figure, a number of nations worldwide are launching campaigns to address the deadly impact of smoking. Many of these efforts include gruesome cigarette label and packaging proposals, but also extend to sky-high tobacco taxes.

One trend that has caught on globally is graphic labeling on cigarette packages. For example, in Hong Kong, one proposed label features a fully dressed skeleton smoking a cigarette, a CBS News photo slideshow illustrated. Another, designed for Australia, discusses the dangers of macular degeneration, depicting a human eyeball with the lids pulled back. A Brazilian label shows a human corpse, cut open along the chest cavity.

Furthermore, in Australia, government officials have proposed to do away with cigarette labeling altogether, instead opting for plain packaging that would feature no company logos, trademarks or images. The Australian tobacco industry, though, is actively fighting this regulation, even proposing to cut prices drastically in an effort to target children.