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Grain Fed Meats Put Out To Pasture


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Grain Fed Meats Put Out To Pasture

Consumers are growing increasingly concerned about the life cycle of what they eat — where it comes from, what it's fed and how it's treated. Meat products are especially analyzed by shoppers who are looking to avoid growth hormones and boost their health.

Natural food labels that stipulate a product such as beef has been "grass fed," rather than "grain fed," indicates to consumers a wide range of benefits, including that the product contains more omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids than its grain fed counterpart, The British Journal of Nutrition stated in an article.

The article looked at the difference between individuals who ate three portions of grass-fed beef per week and found the diet increased participants' omega-3 blood levels as much as some fish oils.

"The choice is becoming more than a mere preference for consumers when choosing what forms of red meat to eat," stated Larry Moore, president and CEO of Greenfield Farms. "Grass-fed beef has been shown in multiple cases and scientific studies to be leaner than traditional grain-fed beef and have multiple health benefits."

However, consumers should closely examine organic food labels with a wary eye, especially when it comes to meat, as the United States Department of Agriculture doesn't require cows to be fed on a free range diet of grass for their entire lives to qualify for the designation.