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Google Removes QR Codes from Small Businesses' Places Page


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Google Removes QR Codes from Small Businesses' Places Page

Google has opted to remove its quick response code initiative for those small businesses with Places pages. The search engine first began offering QR codes to businesses in 2009. Those businesses that then updated their pages with additional information were also sent a window decal with the idea that they could use it to help drive traffic to the website. Google allowed the businesses to download the QR codes and use them however they saw fit.

Within the past week, however, companies began noticing that their QR codes were missing on the Places dashboard where they manage their pages.

"We're exploring new ways to enable customers to quickly and easily find information about local businesses from their mobile phones," Google said in a statement, according to PC World.

"In the meantime, the QR codes on stickers from our previous Favorite Places campaign still continue to take users to the Place page for that business," it added.

One theory behind this move is that the search engine may implement near field communications in place of the QR codes, especially since it recently added the technology to the Android platform.