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Google Brings Near Field Communications Stickers to Austin


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Google Brings Near Field Communications Stickers to Austin

Identive Group was selected to be the supplier of near-field communications radio frequency identification stickers for Google Places in Austin, Texas. The stickers fall under the search engine's HotPot initiative, which helps bring sales to small businesses.

Consumers with NFC-enabled smartphones are able to touch their mobile devices to the stickers, which businesses can place in their windows, to obtain more information about a shop. A sticker can contain any information a company deems relevant, such as hours of operation, address, reviews and ratings as well as its website. The Google Places technology will launch in Austin and is then anticipated to roll out to other cities across the country.

"NFC-enabled stickers are an integral part of our outreach efforts to local Austin businesses as they demonstrate the effectiveness of internet spot marketing and help consumers quickly discover more information about a business," said Bernardo Hernandez, senior director of consumer marketing for Google.

"About 20 percent of all searches on Google are for local information, and NFC technology delivered by [the] stickers enables really interesting ways to connect Austin locals and visitors with the businesses in the area," he added.

Because of the anticipated growth within this field, many media outlets misinterpreted the press release issued by Identive, believing the small company to be issuing the stickers nationally. The company's stock rose more than 100 percent, with followers aggressively purchasing it. However, Identive is only manufacturing the stickers for Austin.