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Get Ready For Bathing Suit Season by Reading Custom Labels for Nutraceuticals


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Get Ready For Bathing Suit Season by Reading Custom Labels for Nutraceuticals

All Eyes On Custom Labels for Nutraceuticals as Summer Weather Approaches

[caption id="attachment_5200" align="alignleft" width="300"]custom labels for nutraceuticals All eyes on custom labels for nutraceuticals as summer weather approaches.[/caption]

Lightning Labels, custom label and sticker printing leader, is alerting manufacturers that summer is just around the corner, and with it comes a major consumer focus on weight loss, which means more shoppers are focused on the nutrition facts and ingredients on custom labels for nutraceuticals.

While spring may have just sprung, millions of consumers - especially those in warmer regions - are already thinking about slimming down for beach weather and attire. They're hitting the gym and watching their diets to make the most of bathing suit season this year. That means they're looking for products that will help them lose winter weight and look great. As they shop around for food, beverages and supplements, consumers are focusing on ingredients and nutritional labels. Give shoppers the information they need with high-quality custom nutraceutical labels.

"There are several periods throughout the year that consumers tend to focus on their health, and the weeks leading up to beach season is one of those times," said AnneMarie Campbell, Business Development Manager at Lightning Labels. "Today's shoppers have become avid label readers and look for very specific ingredients and nutritional components in the products they consume. Brands can tap into the pool of health-conscious shoppers this spring by placing custom created digitally printed stickers and labels on their food, beverage and supplement offerings."

2 Benefits to Enhancing Products with Custom Stickers for Nutraceuticals

Because consumers are focused on labels to find healthy items, the right custom stickers for nutraceuticals can turn browsers into buyers. Here are two other benefits to revamping nutraceutical labels this season:

1. Comply with Regulations Without Sacrificing the Aesthetic Appeal of Product Stickers and Labels

There are strict federal regulations governing what must and cannot go in nutrition fact charts and ingredients lists. However, if nutraceutical label content is poorly designed and formatted, brands risk overwhelming consumers and losing the potential to turn them into loyal customers. Lightning Labels' high-resolution digital printing allows manufacturers to create stickers and labels that are both legally compliant and legible.

2. Get a Great Unit Price on Any Size Order Custom Nutraceutical Labels

In addition to creating legible, clean and unique nutraceutical labels, Lightning Labels offers them at an affordable price - no matter the size order! Digital printing allows companies to order large batches for major products and smaller amounts for label tests and seasonal marketing purposes.

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