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Gatorade Labels Tampered with in Colorado


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Gatorade Labels Tampered with in Colorado

Gatorade In my four years of blogging I don't think I have ever mentioned any celebrity gossip news. Until now. But for anyone interested in product labels this is a fascinating story.

Over this past weekend unique Gatorade bottles started appearing on the shelves of Denver area grocery stores. The labels on these bottles were not regular Gatorade labels, they had images of Tiger Woods and his wife along with the word "Unfaithful" in Gatorade's distinctive font.

Investigators have already discovered the man behind the label tampering. He claims he did it as a "pop art" project with the goal of creating a conversation. I expect he will end up being charged with a crime.

What is interesting here is that a Gatorade label is not an easy label to duplicate. It is a thin film that would be very challenging to print on a home printer. The perpetrator has admitted that this project did cost him a lot of money, which indicates to me that a professional label print shop printed these labels. I wouldn't like to be the owner of that label printer when federal investigators come knocking.

When you order product labels you need to own the copyright for the artwork that is being printed. Now, a label printer can't possibly check the copyright of every label they print, that is why we have to have a legal disclaimer. But we have rejected label jobs where someone has taken a well known trademark and used it for their own purposes. We would have rejected printing these fake Gatorade labels, too.

The other interesting story here is once the labels were printed, how did they manage to get these obviously fake labels onto store shelves? I am sure we will find out these details in coming days.

Photo courtesy of 9News.

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