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FTC Sticks New Label Standards to Appliance Makers


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FTC Sticks New Label Standards to Appliance Makers

Manufacturers of household appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators may need to revise their labeling tactics in light of new FTC regulations.

These appliances typically have yellow EnergyGuide tags attached to them, as The Foundry reports. However, because they aren't adhesive, they can easily be lost in transit, which can create confusion among consumers and sales associates. The FTC suggested new labels that could be stuck to these appliances, but could be easily removed as well.

"The adhesive labels should be applied so they can be easily removed without the use of tools or liquids, other than water, but should be applied with an adhesion capacity sufficient to prevent their dislodgment during normal handling throughout the chain of distribution to the consumer," the FTC proposed.

Labels must be affixed by the manufacturers of said appliances and not by retailers.

When it comes to household appliances, energy labels are becoming increasingly important to consumers, who are looking to not only cut back on energy costs but also reduce their own impact on the environment.