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FTC Regulations Aim to Prevent Four Loko Craziness


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FTC Regulations Aim to Prevent Four Loko Craziness

While a number of states, such as Massachusetts, have outlawed sale of Four Loko, scores more are still attempting to regulate its sale and product labeling.

However, attempts to affix warning labels to the product have come under scrutiny. Four Loko malt beverages contain the alcohol content equal to approximately five 12-ounce beers in one can, and some officials believe that labeling the cans as such could enable binge drinking, according to The Washington Post.

Samantha Graff, a senior attorney at Public Health & Law Policy, said in a letter to the FTC that such labeling could amount to a four-for-one sale.

"The label contemplated by the proposed settlement could actually serve to entice consumers, especially younger ones seeking high-alcohol, low-priced products, to possibly over consume these products," the National Beer Wholesalers Association said in its comments to the FTC, the source reports.

"For this reason, states have long attempted to discourage certain label disclosures that would lead to 'strength wars'," the organization added.