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FTC Looks to Change Baa-d Wool Laws


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FTC Looks to Change Baa-d Wool Laws

The Federal Trade Commission is currently in the process of reviewing rules and guidelines related to the way fabrics are labeled, Fibre 2 Fashion reports.

Now, the organization is hoping to get public input on the continuing need for and benefits of its Will Products Labeling Rules. The current standards set forth by the FTC date back to 1939, when the Wool Products Labeling Act was first passed. The agency reviewed and modified the labeling laws back in 2006 and amended them through the Wool Suit Fabric Labeling Fairness and International Standards Conforming Act.

"FTC is also seeking comment on how it should modify the Wool Rules to implement the Conforming Act. In addition, the FTC seeks comment on the costs and benefits of the rules, and on whether it should clarify or modify certain rule provisions and/or its business and consumer education materials," agency says.

Last November, the FTC similarly gathered public opinion and input pertaining to the labeling of certain textiles.