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FSIS to Modify Meat and Poultry Labels


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FSIS to Modify Meat and Poultry Labels

The Food Safety and Inspection Service has proposed amendments to meat and poultry product inspection regulations, The Pig Site reports.

As current federal regulations stand, the FSIS has separate generic labeling regulations for meat and poultry products. Under the new amendment, they would both be held under the same codes. Companies that apply generically approved labels without prior submission would need to include all basic label features, such as product names, safe handling statements and net weight.

"If this proposal is adopted, FSIS will require establishments to submit for evaluation only certain types of labeling, e.g., labels for temporary approval, labels for products produced under religious exemption, labels for export with labeling deviations and claims and special statements intended for use on labels," the news source adds.

Meat labels have come under scrutiny as of late, especially by the United States Department of Agriculture, which has admitted some terminology may be confusing to consumers. For example, the label "all natural" doesn't speak to how cows were raised, but rather how their meat was processed.