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Fruit Gets Smart with QR Codes


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Fruit Gets Smart with QR Codes

Canadian provinces will soon begin branding their fruit with quick response codes that can be engaged via smartphones, QR Code Press reports.

Fruit from Ontario will sport the new packaging in an effort to provide shoppers with more insight into what they are buying. The labels will link prospective buyers to the Ontario Tender Fruit Producers Marketing board. Growers can request permission to use these barcodes as a part of their mobile marketing and labeling programs.

"Often, the packaging on fruit from growers in Ontario consists of little more than a sign over a display, or a sticker applied directly to the produce," the news source notes. "This doesn't provide the growers with a great deal of space in which to inform consumers regarding their growing processes and the best ways to choose, store, and use the product."

International fruit brands, such as Del Monte and Chiquita, have already experimented with similarly labeling initiatives, leveraging QR codes as a part of product stickers. These brands have used QR codes to educate consumers on products and give them recipes.