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Food Labels Aren't Berry Truthful


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Food Labels Aren't Berry Truthful

NBC: Food Labels Manipulate Consumers
Successful product marketing relies a lot on food labels. So much so that producers are going to inordinate lengths to label their products with claims that are technically true, but very misleading for the consumer, a new NBC report said.

Investigative reporter Jeff Rossen examined the issue by looking at what food labels said versus what the product actually contained. Rossen examined cereal in particular. He said the packaging makes it seem like a handful of berries in every spoonful, but that's far from the truth. Rossen even found that although many producers print "made with real fruit" on their food labels, the reality is that products often only contain fruit bits. Sugar, soybean oil and artificial coloring make up the rest, a food expert told the NBC reporter.

Makers Of Food Labels Respond
However, as Rossen noted, what producers write on their food labels is indeed technically accurate. But the allegations prompted many food businesses and associations to respond.

A statement from the Grocery Manufacturers Association said that companies comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations by using terms like "naturally flavored" and "artificially flavored" on their labels to raise consumer awareness.