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Food Label Changes Make Eating a Specialized Diet Easier


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Food Label Changes Make Eating a Specialized Diet Easier

Changes in food labeling have made it easier for people with food allergies and other conditions to eat a well-balanced diet. With the advent of the FDA's new regulations requiring manufacturers to clearly label allergens, individuals practicing diets such as gluten-free, dairy-free or casein-free are able to make easier purchasing decisions.

According to The Republic, approximately 4 percent of children in the U.S. have food allergies. This figure represents an 18 percent increase over the last decade, meaning that more families have to carefully monitor their food consumption. Label changes have made this challenge a bit easier for some families affected by food allergies or sensitivities to certain products by making it to determine whether or not a product contains allergens.

For example, 12-year-old Libby Lee of Michigan is allergic to high fructose corn syrup. Every time she consumes it, she has such severe stomach pains she must visit the emergency room. However, with products such as Hunt's ketchup moving away from the preservative and clearly labeling their packages as made without high-fructose corn syrup, it alleviates some concerns.