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Fishing For New Packaging Materials


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Fishing For New Packaging Materials

Trout Skin Could Be Used For Packaging

A recent report by scientists at the Department of Food Science & Technology at Seoul Women's University said trout skin could be used to create edible packaging for the food industry, Food Production Daily reported.

The researchers said byproducts of fish processing, like skin, could be used as an edible biopolymer film.

"The fishing industry produces a significant amount of waste, including fish skin, due to fish processing," Dayeon Kim, one of the lead scientists, told Food Production Daily. "Trout skin waste has potential value as a protein source that can be used to form biopolymer edible films for packaging low and intermediate water activity food products, and thus may have practical applications in the food industry, which could be one way to cut waste disposal in the trout processing industry."

Packaging That Uses Agricultural Waste Could Replace Cardboard
A separate packaging advancement could one day replace the ever popular, fully recyclable cardboard.

The material, nPulp, made from straw biomass without the use of harsh chemicals, could provide the same uses as cardboard while saving nearly 30 percent of materials used in production, because it is made from agricultural waste rather than pine trees.