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First Fair Trade Fashion Label Launched


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First Fair Trade Fashion Label Launched

Fair Trade USA, the number one fair-trade certifier in the U.S., has launched a two-year trial of the first ever fair trade clothing items that boast a certification label.

A full collection of Fair Trade Certified clothing is now available as an alternative to clothing made in sweatshops. The line includes garments designed by some of fashion's hottest designers, such as Project Runway's Korto Momolu. The labels ensure that the clothing comes from farmers and factory workers who earn higher wages in safe and environmentally-friendly working conditions.

"Maybe you've already had a green makeover, but ethical fashion is about more than just protecting the environment. It's about people, and 'fair' is just a knock-off without third-party certification to deliver the proof," said Heather Franzese, senior manager of Apparel and Linens.

With these labels, factory workers can earn twice their normal earnings through a Fair Trade premium.

Annual sales of Fair Trade Certified cotton have risen to $7.79 million from $200,000 at its inception in 2005, according to