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Fiji to Ban Labels Written in Foreign Languages


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Fiji to Ban Labels Written in Foreign Languages

Fiji will implement laws in the new year to make sure that food products imported into the country do not have labels bearing foreign languages.

According to the website Fijivillage News, the Ministry of Health issued instructions to all manufacturers and retailers requiring them to remove any labels that had instructions in foreign languages from their shelves. Because of the language barrier, consumers are unable to read important information such as expiration dates and product ingredients.

The issue should have been resolved years ago, said Aiyaz Sayed-Khiayum, Attorney General and Minister for Trade in Fiji, to the source. He also confirmed that the Ministry of Health is looking into the current regulations and will be amending them in order to stop the importation of items bearing foreign labels.

In addition to food items, the source reported that it had found household items, such as cooking appliances and electrical appliances, that had labels with instructions written in foreign languages, potentially leaving consumers misinformed on how to properly operate them.