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Feds Force Four Loko to Change Label


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Feds Force Four Loko to Change Label

Could a new label mean a fresh start for Four Loko?

Under pressure from the Federal Trade Commission, the maker of the alcoholic beverage, Phusion Projects, will change its label to read "This can has as much alcohol as 4-1/2 regular (12 oz, 5 pct alc/vol) beers," CBS News reports. The FTC accused the company of "deceptive advertising" because the previous label claimed that the drink contained alcohol that was equivalent to two beers.

Four Loko made headlines when the makers of the alcoholic beverage agreed to remove caffeine and all other stimulants from the drink in late 2010, under pressure from the Food and Drug Administration, American colleges and other organizations.

According to The Week, doctors at the time warned consumers that the caffeine in Four Loko masked the effects of the alcohol, causing many customers to consume far more alcohol than they typically would. The founders of the drink began selling the beverage in 2005 after they noticed bar patrons increasingly mixing caffeinated drinks and hard alcohol. By November 2010, a number of colleges had banned the sale of Four Loko on their campuses and some states barred the sale of the product. As a result, the company agreed to remove caffeine from the drink.