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FDA To Break Down Current Food Labels


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FDA To Break Down Current Food Labels

After continued criticism of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's current nutritional labeling regulations, the agency is giving the labels a makeover.

The segments up for revision include the breakdown of fats, salts, sugars and nutrients on food labeling, according to The Associated Press. Additionally, the FDA will look to alter serving sizes to be more accurate and focus more on calories, rather than the daily percent values of fat, sodium and carbohydrates that are now a central feature.

Today's current nutritional labels have been in place for the past two decades. Yet, many experts have continued to criticize them for placing too much emphasis on percentages and not enough on informing consumers if a product is actually good for them, the source notes.

As food manufacturing gets more complicated and the products more processed in some cases, it's additionally important to revisit the labels. "Twenty years ago, you would have maybe 20 to 30 chews per bite of food," said David Kessler, former FDA commissioner and current University of California, San Francisco, professor. "Today, food is so highly processed and so stimulating it goes down in a wash (of saliva), like we're eating adult baby food."

One of the driving reasons behind updated food labels is the ongoing rise in obesity rates in the U.S. However, when product labels are hard to read or obfuscate certain facts, it's increasingly difficult for consumers to take ownership of their diets.