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FDA Looks to Make BPA Go MIA


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FDA Looks to Make BPA Go MIA

Bisphenol A is a common chemical which is used to make plastic packaging and helps improve product shelf life.

However, BPA isn't all good — some studies have noted that BPA mimics the hormone estrogen, which can lead to increased breast cancer risks. Additionally, 90 percent of Americans were found to have traces of BPA in their urine, highlighting how frequently it is used in packaging, according to PackagingDigest.

Now, the U.S Food & Drug Administration is set to rule whether BPA can be used in food and beverage packaging. The agency will announce its decision by the end of the month, Packaging Digest reports.

"If the ban goes through, the FDA will follow the lead of French lawmakers who voted to keep BPA away from food packaging, beginning in 2014. Canada, in 2007, banned BPA in bottles, and Denmark has banned BPA in all baby-food products," the news source adds.

The U.S. federal government has spent $30 million to research the effect of BPA on consumers, with mixed results so far.

Several product manufacturers have already switched to packaging that doesn't use the chemical. For example, Crown Prince Seafood even notes on its labels that containers are "BPA Free."