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Faulty Labels Uncork Counterfeit Wine Operation


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Faulty Labels Uncork Counterfeit Wine Operation

A counterfeit wine operation has been exposed due to a typo on product labels, the Bournemouth Daily Echo reports.

Replica bottles of Jacob's Creek were found in three different locations. While the product looks very similar to the real thing, upon closer inspection, the wine's country of origin - Australia - is misspelled, giving away the fraud. More than 51 bottles have been discovered so far and there are expected to be more on shelves.

"The content has been tested by Pernot Ricard, who make Jacob's Creek and it's not a danger to the public. It's safe to drink, it just doesn't taste very nice," explained Zara Fulmar, senior technical officer at Jacob's Creek. "But only a real Jacob's Creek connoisseur could tell that it's a sub-standard bottle of wine."

As the news source notes, the incident marks the first time a cache of counterfeit wine this large has been discovered. Local police intend to investigate the situation further to determine the source of the phony wine.

The incident exemplifies the importance of having a unique label. By creating a complex yet appealing packaging label design, manufacturers can make it more difficult for counterfeiters to replicate their products.