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Fashion Designers Urged To Adopt Sizing Label Standardization


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Fashion Designers Urged To Adopt Sizing Label Standardization

For women, shopping for clothing can often turn into a nightmare due to inconsistency among sizing labels. Typically, women must try on a variety of sizes by different brands in order to find an item that fits, as a 27-inch waistline sometimes equates to a size 6 with one company and a size 2 with another.

Consider, for example, that at Marc Jacobs, a woman with a 27-inch waistline is a size 8 or 10, but at Chico's, she is a triple 0, according to The New York Times. Furthermore, none of these measurements take into consideration her hips, bust or height.

Now, however, companies and women alike are pushing for more informative sizing labels, as well as standardization across the clothing and fashion industry.

"It would be nice just to take [a pair of pants,] look at the label and say, 'That should fit me,'" Marie-Eve Faust, program director of fashion merchandising at Philadelphia University, told The New York Times.

Despite sizing labels' relative inaccuracies, they seem to have a major impact on women's self esteem, so much so that many editors cut them out of clothing during celebrity photo shoots to ensure subjects will wear the items, the morning news program Today reported.