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Falsely Labeled Bath Salts are Actually Synthetic Drugs


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Falsely Labeled Bath Salts are Actually Synthetic Drugs

A wave of synthetic drugs is being falsely sold under bath salt labeling and a number of brand names. The "bath salts" are sold in envelopes and named Red Dove Bath Salts, Cloud 9 and occasionally are marketed as stain remover or plant feed.

In reality, no matter what the label reads, they are not bath salts at all, but synthetic cocaine and contain mephedrone and/or MDPV, which mimic methamphetamine and cocaine. They have popped up across the U.S. and are legal at the moment, because the labels read, "Not for human consumption" - a warning some buyers have ignored.

The drug gives users euphoric feelings and extreme energy, but it also increases anxiety and causes some users to suffer from hallucinations.

"Some people get even chest pain or cardiovascular collapse," said Dr. Josef Thundiyil, a toxicologist in the Orlando Regional Medical Center emergency room.

"It's appealing to kids because it is legal, because you can get it on the internet. Whenever it's new and on the internet there's the appearance that it might be safe, when in reality we actually don't know that it's safe," he added.

The drug has been prevalent in the UK for years and was just recently was banned there.