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Fake Window Stickers Imitate Storefronts in Northern Ireland


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Fake Window Stickers Imitate Storefronts in Northern Ireland

Window Stickers Show a Fake Shop

Citizens of the Northern Irish town of Belcoo are now able to walk through a vibrant city center because of fake window stickers on storefronts. According to RTE News, the government of Northern Ireland invested in the giant stickers in Belcoo shop windows to hide the economic downturn currently plaguing the community. Instead of residents looking at empty stores, more than 100 vacant properties now look as if they are prosperous.

Government Promotes Local Stores with Custom Stickers for Business  The custom stickers for business were created to cosmetically enhance the Northern Irish neighborhoods, according to RTE News. While some of the buildings were torn down, many were given the upgrade to make the community more attractive for tourists, consumers and citizens.

Kevin Maguire, a Belcoo resident, told the news source the giant stickers are a step in the right direction, but the decline in local businesses continues to be a serious problem throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

"The shop fronts are cosmetic surgery for serious wounds," Maguire said. "They are looking after the banks instead of saving good businesses [...] Where would you see a shop front in Northern Ireland like this anyway? It's more like something you'd find in Belgravia or Chelsea."

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