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Fair Trade Label Becomes Even Fairer With New Design


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Fair Trade Label Becomes Even Fairer With New Design

Fair Trade USA recently unveiled a new certification label that will be used on products qualifying for the distinction.

Fair Trade is a social movement that was created to give third-world countries better trading conditions. The changes to the label and Fair Trade's Multiple Ingredients Product Policy will better serve the needs of businesses and individuals who use the graphics to determine which products to purchase.

"The clearer, more modern design helps the label 'pop' better on the shelf, enabling consumers to quickly find Fair Trade Certified products where they shop, while better communicating the importance of Fair Trade certification," said Ivan Blackshear, Graphic Design Manager at Fair Trade USA.

This marks the first time Fair Trade USA has changed the label since the organization was created in 1998.

A number of major brands use Fair Trade ingredients in the production of their goods. End products could include chocolate, olive oil, flowers, sports balls, coffee beans or any other number of foreign-made items.