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Europe Refuses to Issue Labels for Cloned Food


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Europe Refuses to Issue Labels for Cloned Food

Without labels identifying it as such, European meat from the offspring of cloned animals may go unnoticed. According to United Press International, members of the European Union have refused to follow demands from Parliament to issue such labeling, despite the fact that must people in the EU revealed via public opinion surveys that they were not in favor of purchasing meat from a cloned animal.

The European Parliament said in a statement that meat from a cloned animal's offspring has the ability to make its way into the EU market without consumers' knowledge because of Parliament's decision, UPI reported.

According to Ian Wilmut of Edinburgh University, the scientist who created the first cloned animal, it is not a wise idea to feed people cloned animal products.

"If you were making cloned animals to make a genetic change to produce a protein that could treat human disease, that might be ethically acceptable," Wilmut said to the source.

"On the other hand, if you were producing more meat, or slightly better quality meat, the advantage would not be very great," he added.