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Europe Moves Forward Carbon Footprint Labels


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Europe Moves Forward Carbon Footprint Labels

The European Commission is investigating a new labeling system that will help consumers determine their carbon footprints.

A carbon footprint measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions for which an organization, product or person is responsible, the website Renewable Energy World explains. Yet this calculation can prove difficult as a result of the large amount of data necessary.

To rectify this problem, the European Commission is conducting 10 different pilot studies across a range of industries to identify a workable methodology for creating carbon dioxide labeling for commercial products, the website writes.

When it comes to creating the label, a tempered approach is advocated. "There is a balance to be struck," said Joe Hennon, spokesman for Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik, "as too much or too confusing information does not help but may, on the contrary, reduce the willingness of consumers to make better-informed choices."

Nations around the globe have attempted to create new eco-friendly labeling systems, such as those for gasoline consumption.