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EPA Suggests Holiday Shoppers Think of the Environment


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EPA Suggests Holiday Shoppers Think of the Environment

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is urging Americans to consider the environmental impact of gifts they buy this year, The Cypress Times reports.

Consumers can determine the energy efficiency of products by looking for eco labels, such as Energy Star, Design for the Environment and WaterSense, on the goods they purchase. Buying products with these designated identifications will not only help the recipients of gifts save on energy bills, but it will also reduce their impact on the environment.

"[Energy labels make] it easy to choose gifts that can help anyone on your list save energy and protect the environment," the EPA explains. "By using these products this holiday season, consumers can cut their energy bills and harmful pollution while helping keep our environment healthy."

The EPA also suggests skipping the wrapping paper and utilizing reusable gift bags when possible.

Energy-saving programs, such as Energy Star, are slowly gaining traction worldwide. For example, India recently instituted a similar initiative that will govern the sales of laptops and other consumer electronics.