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EPA Rolls Out Fuel Economy Window Stickers For Used Car Sellers


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EPA Rolls Out Fuel Economy Window Stickers For Used Car Sellers

Consumers looking to sell a used car can now create an Environmental Protection Agency fuel rating and informational window sticker via a government website. The website,, is run by the EPA and the Energy Department and offers stickers for all vehicles that have been sold in the U.S. since 1984. Buyers can go directly to the website to create their own sticker when selling a vehicle, according to USA Today.

Stickers display information such as the make, model, highway and combined miles per gallon ratings, a photo and information on the vehicle including engine size, transmission and recommended fuel grade.

The concept behind the stickers is to offer consumers more information when making a purchasing decision. One unique feature of the stickers includes the option for the seller to include a QR code, that will bring consumers directly to a link about the car on's mobile website, allowing the consumer to verify information on the vehicle and get other details not featured on the sticker, including fuel cost and greenhouse gas emissions.