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EPA Reviews Proposed Changes to E15 Fuel Label


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EPA Reviews Proposed Changes to E15 Fuel Label

In October, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed a warning label for the newly-approved biofuel, E15, which is made of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline. The label is bright orange and features the word "caution" in capital letters across the top of it. However, the ethanol industry is against it because of its alarming appearance.

Now, the EPA is in the process of reviewing approximately 1,200 comments regarding the label. Industry representatives had until January 3 to submit suggestions proposing changes to the label, which the agency hopes would prompt increased use of the fuel.

"The label as written will seriously impair long-term progress towards achieving the country's stated goals for renewable fuels," the EPA said in Ethanol Producer.

"It unnecessarily will promote skepticism and concern over any future broader approval for E15 and create the false perception that E15 is an inferior fuel," it added.

Some proposed label changes include less aggressive colors and more simpler wording, stating that only 2007 and newer gasoline cars, light-duty trucks and flex-fuel vehicles should use E15. Others says "attention" across the top rather than the original label's "caution."