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EPA Looks to Protect Man's Best Friend from Flea Products


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EPA Looks to Protect Man's Best Friend from Flea Products

Several veterinarians and consumer groups have urged the Environmental Protect Agency to enforce stricter labeling standards for flea and tick products for pets.

While the EPA announced it would not be shuttering companies that produce tick and flea products which could be dangerous to some pets, it is working to change the labeling of spot-on products.

"The labeling changes would split spot-on products that can be used in both cats and dogs into separate products, include the word 'cat' or 'dog' in the product name, repeat 'cat' or 'dog' throughout directions for use, and add images and language on dog products warning against use in cats," JAVMA News reports.

Some pet products, when used on the wrong animal, can have adverse effects, such as sickness or loss of fur. The EPA's new labeling policies were designed in response.

The EPA is in charge of labeling standards for a wide variety of chemicals, ranging from insecticides and pesticides to paint.