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Energy Drinks Don't Hype Caffeine Levels on Labels


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Energy Drinks Don't Hype Caffeine Levels on Labels

Bad Labels Haunt Energy Drinks

Highly caffeinated energy drinks have been the target of many health and nutritional advocates lately for labels loaded with unhealthy ingredients. Ever since Four Loko stepped on the scene with an alcohol and caffeine drink that presented a near-toxic mixture that is suspected in a handful of teenage drinking deaths, energy drinks have become public enemy number one in the healthy industry.

New research also supports concerns after a study found that a majority of energy drinks are risking consumer health after they were found to improperly label, or not even bother labeling, caffeine levels.

Caffeine Labeling Not Required
According to a study on labels released in Consumer Reports magazine, 11 of the 27 top energy drinks sold in the United States do not specify the amount of caffeine in their beverages.

The 16 remaining drinks that did list specific amounts were found to, on average, short-sell caffeine levels: Five beverages had caffeine that exceed serving amounts listed on their labels by more than 20 percent on average.

One notable exception was Archer Farms Energy Drink infused beverage, which had 70 percent less caffeine than its label said.