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Easily Readable Serial Numbers


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Easily Readable Serial Numbers


I was catching up on my blog reading over this past weekend and came across another interesting post from Seth Godin from a couple of weeks ago. This one was about serial numbers. Here at Lightning Labels we print a lot of serial number labels, and in most cases you can see that little thought has gone in to the creation of these serial numbers. Godin provides a list of several things to consider when creating serial numbers.

The keys points I believe are these:

  1. Break up long numbers with dashes.
  2. Never run a string of more than three identical numbers in a row. 89355555232 is bound to be a problem.
  3. Don't use 0 or 1 or O or I in serial numbers that combine letters and numbers. 0O1I42 is asking for trouble.
  4. Print your serial number (much) larger than you need to.

If someone is calling a technical support line and they have to read a serial number there is already most likely some level of frustration. If you can make the serial number very easy to read then at least that won't make the situation worse. It is simple to do, costs almost nothing and can only help your business.