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Dubai Builds Hotel to Pay Homage to QR Codes


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Dubai Builds Hotel to Pay Homage to QR Codes

Quick response codes are quickly becoming one of the trendiest ways for brands and businesses to uniquely market themselves. Aside from including them in subway stations and on other forms of public transportation, companies have begun to market with the codes in out-of-the box ways.

For example, in Dubai, an entire hotel is being created out of QR codes by the firm project code. As of yet, it is unclear whether or not the hotel will actually be scannable, leading smartphone users to a landing page. For now, it seems as if the hotel will simply pay homage to the codes, according to a blog post on the website The Next Web.

Project code isn't the only company to use QR codes in new ways. Ralph Lauren recently rolled out a QR code initiative, claiming to be the first luxury brand in the U.S. to link up the codes with m-commerce. Consumers are able to scan the codes from a variety of locations, including magazine ads and window displays, in order to access the brand's mobile website.

"[This initiative] shows that the brand has really considered how QR codes can benefit both them and the consumer," Lauren Fisher reported for ths source.

"R[alph Lauren] thought about the content at the end of the QR code, instead of just how it can be used," she added.