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Domestic No More: Singapore Green Label Gets Global Approval


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Domestic No More: Singapore Green Label Gets Global Approval

The Global Ecolabelling Network has recognized Singapore's top green product certification scheme and will allow the sticker to be used internationally to market products.

GEN accredited the program as a Type-1 certifier, which means it is a voluntary system that needs to meet multiple criteria before displaying the logo on product labels. The system has been monitored by the non-government organization Singapore Environment Council since 1992 and is the country's only eco-labeling program.

Jose Raymond, executive director of the SEC, noted the system would continue to develop new criteria to further enhance the credibility of the program.

"By constantly improving the credibility and distinctiveness of the Green Label, we hope that the already familiar logo will become an instantly recognizable and trusted symbol of environmentally preferable products," he added.

Achieving environmentally friendly practices is crucial to gaining acceptance worldwide and should help local green product manufacturers improve sales in foreign countries.