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Do Judge a Wine By Its Label


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Do Judge a Wine By Its Label

When choosing a bottle of wine, most consumers will consider grape type, region, year and price. Now, however, a number of experts are suggesting that fellow grape lovers should be able to tell what a glass will take like just by looking at the label.

In a recent article for New York magazine Grub Street, Matthew Latkiewicz proposes that wines be grouped into seven major categories, with a few sub-categories, including "Clever," "French," "Active Animal" and several others.

For example, consider his dissection of the "French" label: "The grand-cestor of all wine labels; the French is very word-heavy and relies on classic fonts most of the time."

"The words Appellation Bordeaux Contrlôlée Mis En Bouteille a La Propriété should tell you everything you need to know. It's the fancy stuff, and it will taste sort of like dirt, but in a good way," Latkiewicz adds.

TIME blogger Brad Tuttle endorsed this idea, saying that perhaps in the case of wine, a consumer should try judging a book by its cover. Why? Because to a certain extent, appearance can tell a person about something's quality and essential characteristics.