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Dissecting Disinfectant Labels


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Dissecting Disinfectant Labels

When it comes to healthcare products, reading the label is especially important for both the physician and the patient.

However, dozens of infection medications are released, updated and retired from the market at any given time, making it a challenge for doctors to keep up. Infection Control Today recently noted some strategies physicians can use to better understand product labels.

One of the first things doctors should observe is the presence of a registration number from the Environmental Protection Agency. "Once a product is approved by the EPA, the manufacturer will receive an EPA registration number for that specific product. In addition, the EPA assigns an establishment number to the manufacturer and specific locations," the news source explains.

After physicians have confirmed disinfecting products have been verified by the EPA, they can then look to the other aspects of the label. The EPA mandates that the labels on all approved products contain ingredients, signal words, first aid instructions, the net weight of contents, storage information and directions for use.

Surprisingly, a number of products that should be verified by the EPA still make it to market without going through the certification process. For example, 15 different types of unapproved insecticides were recently discovered being sold in New York.