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Digital Printing - Better for the Earth


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Digital Printing - Better for the Earth

Earth-day In celebration of Earth Day, today I am sharing some of the environmental benefits of digital label printing with the HP-Indigo technology. I have written before about how digital label printing creates less waste. Today I will share some of the other benefits of this great technology. Here are five ways the HP-Indigo label printing technology helps the earth:

  1. No printing plates need to be manufactured
  2. No toxic chemicals involved in the printing process
  3. Inks are deinkable and recyclable
  4. Uses less ink than other printing methods
  5. Allows customers to order small quantities of labels economically

I believe the bottom line is this: digital label printing is better for the earth than traditional label printing. Many traditional printing presses use toxic chemicals in the manufacture of printing plates and in the printing process. And they produce far more material waste than digital. As we celebrate Earth Day I am proud that we have HP as our printing technology partner. HP has been recognized as an industry leader when it comes to environmental stewardship and they are one of the 100 most sustainable corporations on the planet. Happy Earth Day.