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Diet Pepsi Launches New, 'Skinny' Packaging to Celebrate Women


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Diet Pepsi Launches New, 'Skinny' Packaging to Celebrate Women

Diet Pepsi will release its new packaging - "skinny" cans - at New York's Spring 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, February 10 through 17. The new cans, which stand at approximately six inches, will be unveiled at a series of events and in an art installation by fashion commentator, Simon Doonan, and designers Charlotte Ronson and Betsey Johnson.

However, Pepsi's marketing pitch, that claims the can is "in celebration of beautiful, confident women," has come up against some critics for equating skinny to attractive.

"Our initial reaction … was all cheers and raves. How better else is a product with near 100 person market awareness and no ability to change its core product, diet soda, supposed to refresh itself?" Abe Sauer wrote on Brand Channel.

"[A skinny can is] exactly how brands should use package design to communicate brand qualities, without changing the product, and create a new brand-consumer conversation without risking core brand values. That Pepsi chose this approach for its new package is a tremendous shame because ... the idea behind the can is inspired in and of itself," he added.

Pepsi consumers who prefer the traditional, shorter can will still be able to find it in stores.