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Designing Wine Labels Can Be a 'Forensic' Process


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Designing Wine Labels Can Be a 'Forensic' Process

Designing wine labels, which some may tout as an art form, could easily be chocked up to a science given the amount of work and investigation behind them. According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, many wineries' reputations rely entirely on the label designing process, which can cost up to $100,000 and take three years to make.

For example, designer Madeleine Corson will spend several months looking through her client's files as part of the "forensic" process to create a wine label that not only represents the winery but evokes the buyer's interest and curiosity. Corson says that a quality wine label provokes a question, the source reported.

"At its best, a label is a tangible expression of the wine's personality, the winemaker's point of view and the place where the wine was made," Lettie Teague contributed to the source. "And at its worst, it's little more than a marketing tool."

In addition to attracting customers, wineries must also be careful not to step on any toes. For example, two vintners are in a legal battle over their trademark and the use of "mommy" in their wine's names, even though the wine label designs are clearly different.