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Designing Eye-Catching Labels for the Visually Impaired


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Designing Eye-Catching Labels for the Visually Impaired

Photo of can label with tiny type

Creating an eye-catching label is important for many reasons, but one may be often overlooked. Have you thought of creating visually exciting can labels that are geared towards the visually impaired? The fact is people with vision problems often put down products that they have difficulty reading.

It’s not always the graphics that can have an impact on your potential customers; it just may be the style and size of your text. Let’s face it, the information you are displaying is just as important as the branding images you use. With the increased awareness of nutritional and ingredients in food people are looking for prominent displays of quality. There is a definite concern from people who wear glasses and have issues with small print on labels.

They look for those that are easier to read. I have even read a blog where the writer had expressed the desire to petition supermarkets to mandate more reader friendly text!  Some things to consider when designing your labels might be the positioning of the text, choosing a bright or flashy color, and most importantly the SIZE.

Make it lively, the more creative the better. The truth is you don’t have to have vision problems to appreciate reader friendly text on a product. The quicker and easier your potential customers can get the information they are looking for the better. Whether it’s a supermarket or a retail store, shelves are packed with products all vying for the attention of the customer. Big and bold is always a stand out, naturally.  One example of the effectiveness of this concept is Walmart’s “Great For You” label campaign on all of their branded products. These labels will appear on Walmart Great Value and Market side items, as well as fresh and packaged fruits and vegetables.

Think of all the appreciation you will garner from those who have a little or a lot of trouble distinguishing the most basic of information on the product labels they see. It’s a great way to gain the attention of a whole lot of people out there who are asking for your assistance. Informational slogans that represent the essence of your brand and are easily read are a definite way to make your product known to the visually impaired.

According to the provisional report for the 2010 National Health Interview Survey, 21.5 million American Adults age 18 and older reported experiencing vision loss. That is a group to large to be alienated. Sometimes the nutrition label cannot take up too much space, but it would be good to make it as big as you can without compromising your design.

More people are concerned with nutritional values these days, and you can supplement that information with a highlight of the beneficial attributes of your product within your design. More and more products are displaying large selling points on their product labels like “Organic” and “All Natural”. These catch the eyes of the consumer, so why not try it out?  Whatever you choose to do, make sure we can all see it!