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DesignBay Makes Graphic Design More Affordable


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DesignBay Makes Graphic Design More Affordable


One of the main reasons small businesses don't use professional graphic design is because of the expense. If you want a wine label designed, for example, you can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars with a designer to create a few options for you to choose from.

Alec Lynch, the founder of DesignBay, has created a company that helps resolve this problem. DesignBay is a crowdsourcing marketplace for graphic design, logo design and web design. What this means is that you can get multiple designs from multiple graphic designers for one very low price. DesignBay organizes "design contests" where graphic designers from around the world will submit designs based on your specifications.

An example best describes how this process works. Look at the Key Lager Beer labels above. This is for a small brewery in the Florida Keys that wanted to create a new beer label. They created a design contest on DesignBay with a $250 budget. They received 16 different designs from several designers, and they were able to review all the entries before selecting the winning designs pictured here. The only additional cost is a $30 posting fee. So, you can get completely different ideas from professional graphic designers for less than the cost of hiring one freelance designer.

There are more than 1,000 designers from all over the world registered with DesignBay. Everything is done online, so it doesn't matter if the designer is in the US, Britain, Australia or India, you will interact with them through the DesignBay web site.

I think this is a great idea that takes away the main objection most small businesses have in working with professional designers. Not only that, but you get a number of different ideas to choose from. So, if you are looking to design some new product labels why not give DesignBay a try.