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Dell Rolls Out Bamboo-Based Packaging


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Dell Rolls Out Bamboo-Based Packaging

Dell will save an estimated 70,000 trees this year by switching the materials it uses in its packaging and improving its design efficiency. The brand has opted to replace all of its difficult-to-recycle packaging with bamboo - a grass that has the ability to grow up to 39 inches per day and reach maturity within three to four months.

Bamboo is a viable renewable source for a variety of purposes, including medicine, cooking and construction. It grows at a rate much faster than trees and is able to regenerate itself, making it a renewable raw material.

Dell is also taking steps to ensure that the bamboo it harvests for its packaging is at least 1,000 miles away from a panda environment. Additionally, the technology company will practice selective harvesting as opposed to clear-cutting, Mother Nature Network reported.

The changes in packaging will make recycling easier for consumers and will be less expensive to ship for Dell. Up to four computers can be placed in one box and still arrive to consumers safely, which the brand claims is not only environmentally but also economically sustainable.