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Delicious Looking Candle Labels


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Delicious Looking Candle Labels

Yes, this delicious looking label actually goes on a candle jar. It is the creation of Kristin Graham of Greenhouse Soy Company of Dayton, Ohio. Kristin founded her candle company just this year, and she designed all the labels herself.

Here at Lightning Labels we deal with a lot of startup companies and often it is the founder of the company who creates the artwork for the labels and does the ordering. In these situations we see some artwork that is poorly done, some that is just ok, but occasionally we see artwork that is beautifully designed. I think you would agree that Kristin has created a very striking candle label here.

She has several other delicious candle scents such as apple pie, banana bread and lemon cheesecake, all with beautiful color photos. She uses, a subscription service for royalty free photos. We love printing these high resolution photo labels on our digital label printer, it shows off the photo quality work of the HP-Indigo presses.

Digital label printing is the only affordable way for startup companies like Greenhouse Soy Company to get small quantities of high quality labels. Kristin ordered just 200 labels each of more than 50 products - with traditional label printing the cost for plates alone would have been over $10,000 before printing. With Lightning Labels she was able to get beautiful high resolution labels for all her products for about one-fifth of that amount.