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Deadline Approaches to Get GMO Labels on Ballot


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Deadline Approaches to Get GMO Labels on Ballot

Do consumers really know what they're buying and feeding to their familes? Our Right to Know would argue that the answer is no, as the Los Angeles Daily News reports.

That is why the organization is rallying for labels that would disclose whether food products were made using genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The California-based initiative is looking to acquire the 560,000 signatures it needs to get the matter on the state's election ballots this November.

GMOs, organisms that have been manipulated in science labs to enhance or otherwise modify food, already fall under strict labeling regulations in 40 countries, including those in  Europe, as well as Japan, China, Russia and Brazil. Our Right to Know wants similar provisions in the United States.

"[The government] won't let us do it here, so we are taking matters into our own hands and trying to create the right to choose what we feed our families and educate the public so the public can make educated decisions, basically," Stacey Hall, director of, told the news source.

While Our Right to Know has approximately 500,000 of the signatures it needs by April 22, it hopes to get that number to 850,000 so that signatures not qualifying won't impact that ability to make the ballot.