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Cutting-Edge Buildings to Come With 'Ingredient' Labels


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Cutting-Edge Buildings to Come With 'Ingredient' Labels

A number of chemicals, some toxic, go into a building, and until now, consumers had no way of knowing exactly which were present in their structures.

At Greenbuild, an international conference and expo regarding green building practices, two companies recently announced that they will be including "ingredient" labels on all of their projects, providing previously unheard of transparency in construction, The Huffington Post reports.

Perkins + Will and Construction Specialties have joined forces to create the labels for their products, which will be made of pressed aluminum. First, they will be affixed to carpets, but this practice will extend to other building products offered.

Material content will be listed on these new labels, spelling out the source of the 'ingredients,' recycled components and other information. Other data included on the labels includes the warranty period, water use intensity and care and maintenance tips.

This year's Greenbuild event is taking place October 4 through October 7 in Toronto, Canada. Keynote speakers and experts expected at the event include New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and medical anthropologist and physician Dr. Paul Farmer from the Harvard Medical School and Partners in Health.