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Custom Stickers Help Blind See Where They're Headed


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Custom Stickers Help Blind See Where They're Headed

Braille Custom Stickers First Of A Kind

A person usually needs to see custom stickers in order to read them. Unfortunately, those who are blind or visually challenged don't have the capabilities to read stickers, but that won't stop an innovative new approach from an Indian train company that will help the visually impaired use stickers to know where they're going.

Indian Railways recently announced its plan to use braille stickers in passenger cars to facilitate easier travel for the blind and others with a visual handicap. An official for the state-owned company said the idea for braille stickers is the first of its kind in the nation and will likely be included as part of the railway's budget for 2013 and 2014.

Sticker Labels Part Of Larger Plan Indian Railways said it would use braille sticker labels to assist visually challenged passengers move around the train with greater ease. Braille is a system of sequenced and patterned bumps that the blind can read using touch.

The braille sticker initiative is just one element of a wider plan to enhance the railway's assistance measures for physically challenged passengers. An official said passenger cars were being manufactured with wider doorframes to accommodate wheelchairs and priority seating areas for those with physical impairments were being designated.