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Custom Sticker Used To Gauge Concussion-Like Symptoms


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Custom Sticker Used To Gauge Concussion-Like Symptoms

Reebok Launches Sensor Sticker Label For Athletes

Sticker labels are an unlikely hero in the world of sports injuries. But as concussions and head injuries continue to mar some of the America's most popular - and, unfortunately, most violent - sports, many safety experts have questioned the long-term viability of such physically demanding sports.

To help save sports and further understand the factors that go into diagnosing and recognizing a serious head injury, athletic sportswear giant Reebok has partnered with another firm to produce a wearable sticker capable of measuring such biometric factors.

Hat Includes Wearable Sticker Label To Measure Impact
MC10, a Massachusetts firm that specializes in wearable electronics, developed the new head injury-tracking sticker label in part with Reebok. The product won't be available until next year, but the company says it can be used by all coaches and sports players of all levels to help effectively diagnose the extent of a head injury.

"If you think about how data is collected from the body, it's by using clunky straps and boxy equipment," MC10 CEO David Icke said earlier this year. "MC10 is focused on advancing that so it's seamless, thin, invisible to the user and scalable for large-scale manufacturing."